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A future fleet of 10 trucks.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Rodney Sam started working in a nearby DME Unit and experienced the positive impact it has on changing lives. Rodney finished school in grade 5 and now runs three businesses across oil, transport and property, establishing a multiple income stream with interests in property and freight.

In a country where only 10% of the working population have jobs, Rodney’s entrepreneurial success is a light of hope.

In 2010 Rodney was successful in bidding for a government grant to partially fund the set-up of a DME Unit. Having worked in a DME Unit, he knew how it should operate. With his wife as supervisor, oil began to flow and Rodney started making a little money. One of the biggest problems in these remote rural communities is transport. Therefore, Rodney bought a second-hand 3-tonne truck to transport his oil and other freight.

Now he had two businesses. Soon he was able to build a house and rent it out. With the additional income he bought another house. His first truck was becoming unreliable and because his income had become regular and steady he was able to approach the bank for a loan to purchase a new truck. When asked what the future holds, Rodney happily responds with “Ten trucks”.

Rodney's DME Unit is located in the Manaere village, North-West Malaita, Solomon Islands

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